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Become a
Board Certified Essential Oil
in 10 weeks (or less!)

Save $400 OFF Tuition Today!

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Essential Oils are a 6+ billion dollar, global industry and it's predicted to grow 9.2% / year over the next 5 years.  There are now well over 20 million essential oil users and distributors but less than 1% are certified.

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2018 Survey Results:

We were curious so we asked. Essential Oil Academy did an informal survey on social media in October, 2018 and promoted it across several platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  So this went out across the platforms, not only to our followers. We wanted to know what the public thinks.

Here is what we asked: 

Would you prefer buying essential oils and getting advice from ...
(1) someone who's certified

(2) someone who's not certified

We were surprised (but not really) that nearly 100% of the respondents* replied with a 1 /certified ... and respondents even asked us how they could find referrals to qualified, certified essential oil practitioners.  They told us they know people who sell the essential oils but they'd prefer to deal with someone who's certified.

It just makes sense.  Wouldn't you want an attorney who passed the bar exam?  Wouldn't you want your doctor, dentist or other medical provider to have passed the state boards?  Of course.  When someone is advising you on matters related to your health and wellness, this is critical. For this reason we can be certain beyond any doubt a majority of your prospective customers feel the same way. Your customers want you to be certified!

* for transparency, one person replied saying they could not pick 1 or 2 because they did not have enough information to make their decision. :-)

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Become a Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner - husband and wife partnership

Certification as an Essential Oil Practitioner offers the following benefits

  • Validates your competence and expertise
  • Assures your customers and the general public that your competency standards have been met
  • Grants you institutional and peer recognition
  • Supports career advancement and increased income opportunities
  • Enhances confidence among your customers, colleagues, employers, and others
  • Facilitates lifelong learning for your personal growth and professional expansion
  • Instant certificate on passing and optional frame-ready, beautiful, signed certificate from Anew University 
  • Qualify to order your beautiful Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner lapel pin
  • One-year complimentary membership in the Essential Oil Practitioner Network (EOPnet will offer support, resources and referrals for those who wish to promote their business).
  • Certification logo for your website or advertising

Already an Expert? 

Now you can apply for your certification credential with no further coursework required.  Simply complete our CERTIFICATION BY EXAMINATION application outlining your experience, skills and training, then take the online exam.  You may download a general study guide to refresh your knowledge before the exam if you wish.  This is a more affordable option than taking the certification course, if you already know the material.

You'll find all the details on this website.  Just add your information to a Program Info form and click CONTINUE >

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Essential Oil Academy Is Now Part of 

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Receive An ANEW UNIVERSITY, AADP Accredited Certification!

Your distinguished certification will be issued by Anew University, Department of Health and Wellness Studies and Essential Oil Academy, endorsed by American Association of Drugless Practitioners, who accredits us.

Certification by Anew University


"The essential oils industry is growing at an extraordinary rate and it's our individual responsibility to improve our own competence and standards. We can only do this with comprehensive training and independent certification." ~ Leelo Bush, PhD

"The global essential oils market is projected to register an estimated CAGR (compound annual growth rate)
of 9.2%, during the forecast period, 2018-2023.

The overall essential oils industry has seen significant growth in recent years. Changing consumer lifestyles, as well as rising disposable income of the consumers in the developing countries is stimulating the growth of this market. The rising consumer awareness about the ill-health effects of synthetic chemicals used for adding texture & fragrances and for increasing the aesthetic appeal of the food products and increased awareness about health benefits associated with the consumption of essential oils has contributed towards the growth of global essential oils market," according to Mordor Intelligence, investment industry experts

Reuters says, "the Global Essential Oil Market is accounted for $5.91 billion in 2016" ...

Learn more about our certification programs and options:

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Your New Opportunity Begins Here

Join a new profession. Be among the first to become a Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner.  
You don't have to already be a professional to benefit. Become one now with this essential oil certification.

* More about accreditation and recognition:  This academy is accredited by AADP, long respected as a natural health accreditation organization that oversees 80+ schools around the world.  This is NOT the same as US Dept. of Education regional accreditation. Essential oils, their study and use are not regulated, nor is there a government regulation body to oversee our training standards.  Hence we rely on industry leaders to hold one another accountable to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and safety.
AADP is not recognized by the US Department of Education as most organizations for unregulated holistic professions are not. The Florida Department of Education does not recognize accreditation organizations that are not recognized by the US Department of Education however it does offer an alternative for faith-based schools to offer degree programs.

** Course Hours: Because the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner course is presented in an online format, the hours stated are equivalent to classroom hours.