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* More about accreditation and recognition:  This academy is accredited by AADP, long respected as a natural health accreditation organization that oversees 80+ schools around the world.  This is NOT the same as US Dept. of Education regional accreditation. Essential oils, their study and use are not regulated, nor is there a government regulation body to oversee our training standards.  Hence we rely on industry leaders to hold one another accountable to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and safety.
AADP is not recognized by the US Department of Education as most organizations for unregulated professions are not. The Florida Department of Education does not recognize accreditation organizations that are not recognized by the US Department of Education however it does offer an alternative for faith-based schools to offer degree programs.

** Course Hours: Because the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner course is presented in an online format, the hours stated are equivalent to classroom hours.