"Training by itself is no longer enough. Independent Certification is the new GOLD STANDARD."

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Calling all Essential Oil Users, Lovers and Sellers!
Take your passion for essential oils to a professional level!

Become a Certified professional

Essential Oil Practitioner

9 In-Depth Modules Leading to Professional Certification.

  • Greater confidence in your use and understanding of essential oils, so that you, your loved ones and your customers benefit. 
  • Increased credibility with an independent certification in addition to your oil company training demonstrates your professionalism.
  • Added earning potential - learn new methods of sharing and teaching. Discover non-salesy techniques for a more personalized approach & higher earnings.


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I learned a lot.

Very happy!  The course was very interesting and I learned a lot. The lab assignments were hands-on experience.  This course is for people with faith and respect for mother nature and trust in plant-sourced natural healing.

Ayesha Malik
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Great for those new to a business setting for essential oils.

I feel that this course is great for someone who is new to essential oils in a business setting.  This also is a great motivator to do more research.

Maxcine Briggs
Wheeling, WV

Great course … for personal up to professional use.

Great course for anyone interested in learning more about essential oils for personal use up to professional use.

Kathy Beck
Pasadena, MD

Raised my confidence level in sharing my knowledge

It has opened the world of essential oils BEYOND basic use of oils and gave me insights into the breadth of knowledge required and tools to seek that knowledge. It raised my confidence level in sharing my knowledge. I recommend this course to anyone …

Michael Holloway
Oceanside, CA

Very good material …

Very good material that is easy to grasp and implement into your busy schedule.

Bobby Jo Dye
Fort Collins, CO

I’m glad I spent the time and money!

The Essential Oils Practitioner course is a well-rounded course that covers all the topics one needs to begin a practice – essential oil usage and safety, dealing with clients, etc.  I’m glad I spent the time and money for this course.

Sharon Courtney
Walterboro, SC

Our customers have tripled!

I wanted to thank you for how much your class has helped my business. Our customers have tripled. Some of them have already taken your classes!

Ying Guo
Rolling Heights, CA

Experienced remarkable results!

This course has met all my goals. I have been able to even apply this to my own family, friends and myself. Based on what I have learnt and experienced, remarkable results. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jennifer Bester
Johannesburg, South Africa

I gained confidence in my ability.

I started this course with the idea of learning more about the oils I had been using. I not only accomplished that but I gained confidence in my ability to recommend oils to friends.

Dianne Anderson
Staunton, VA

Great, informative course.

Great, informative course with the basics to get you started with an essential oils business.

Amy Swanson
South Burlington, VT

So thankful I decided to take the course.

This is a great class for learning more about essential oils and how they are used. Its very easy to understand and follow. The online help is wonderful. So thankful I decided to take the course.

Julie Samples
Picayune, MS

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No Interest when you select our 6-Month, Easy-Pay Credit Plan!

"The public wants those who sell and advise on essential oils, to be certified." 
What we learned from an October, 2018 survey: [ See details. ]

Now that You've Felt the Benefits of Essential Oils,
It's Time to Discuss Why You Should Be Certified.

Our graduates have many options. You can go on to build a career as a certified essential oil practitioner, enhance and combine your existing health / coaching / therapy practice with essential oils or use the knowledge and skills you receive as an alternative medicine, exercise better self care and help your family or community with increased knowledge about wellness choices. How do you want to use this training and certification? The choice is yours.

The Certified Essential Oil Practitioner© is the first course of its kind, specifically created for the experiential study of the multi-dimensional uses and benefits of essential oils, covering topical, internal and aromatic use of essential oils as well as history, chemistry, physiology and practitioner-client relationship development and enhancement, evaluations and forms.

Now is the time to learn how to use essential oils properly, how they may affect us emotionally, physically and mentally. 

You don't have to be a professional to benefit from this essential oil training and certification course.

And, there are NO educational pre-requisites ... only a desire to learn!

Become a credentialed, skilled authority at
offering knowledgeable consultations, selling, teaching, creating

products if you wish, both therapeutic and perfumery ... and doing so
with greater empowerment and confidence than ever before. 

Certified Essential Oil Practitioner Graduates will be able to:

  • Get paid for essential oil consultations, if you pursue a business or practice path.
  • Understand the use, properties, distillation and precautions for 84+ essential oils and 6 carrier oils to support wellness for yourself, family & others (clients).
  • Understand how to develop your practice, client intake form and disclaimers, how to run your wellness sessions effectively along with session plans, pricing, appointment schedule and more.
  • Knowledgeably teach others about essential oil protocols to support the body and mind for overall health benefits.
  • Understand and share the history of essential oils as an important wellness component in cultures world-wide.
  • Enhance focus and memory by understanding the physiology of cells, essential oils, the olfactory and limbic systems.
  • Understand safety and how/where to research contraindications for use of essential oils.
  • Safely use individual and blended essential oils, develop their own blends and combine with carrier oils when desired.
  • Know how to identify health concerns and locate possible beneficial oils to support wellness in specific areas.
  • Understand precautions with essential oil use when dealing with specific clients having special needs including those who are pregnant, babies, children and the elderly.
  • Understand what is needed to create an essential oils business, from planning, ethical conduct, legal matters, FDA standards, records management, marketing, budgeting, etc.
  • Understand proper customer-relationship and communication skills  including wellness coaching, nutrition and lifestyle choices plus client management software and essential oil / blending software options.
  • And much more!

Student Review

Chanell Lamb

Confidence and credentials to pursue my passion.

"Completing the Essential Oil Practitioner course has given me the credentials to pursue my passion to help others with their overall wellness. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and resources through this certification course that has given me such a confidence boost. I believe with this information, my new confidence and the grace of the Lord, I will go forth and serve effectively."

CHANELL LAMB  //  CEOP Graduate 

By becoming a Certified Essential Oil Practitioner,  you’ll experience the following benefits:

Increased Confidence

When you know more, you can
help more people and feel more confident in your abilities. Opportunities will multiply and new doors will open.

A Respected Credential

Your essential oil certification is accredited by AADP (see below) and will raise you head and shoulders above others in your industry.

Greater Earning Potential

Given the choice, others will come to you for consultations, classes, services and products. Your
essential oil training will prove
priceless to you.

Learn From Industry Experts!

To be valuable, a topic of study must be based on solid, irrefutable, foundational and scientific evidence. This is why we brought in the top sources and resources for your studies.

This academy is brand-free so everyone is welcome. We encourage you to broaden your experience and learning with research and data from numerous sources.

You will learn about essential oils from industry thought-leaders current and past, including Robert Tisserand, Marguerite Maury, Dr. Jean Valnet, Rene-Maurice, Gerhard Buchbauer, David and Carol Schuller, Valerie Ann Worwood and many others.  NOTE: If you have particular interest in the work of Dr. David Hill, Dr. Gary Young or another current thought-leader, you are welcome to include their scientific and philosophical viewpoints in your coursework. 

We believe the best essential oils studies must be brand-neutral because after all, it's all about  essential oils.

Student Review

"I love this course so much."

"I love this course so much. Each lesson is easy to follow, and I've been able to do it while working and living life without a problem. Each lesson builds upon each other and it’s very easy to understand.  It’s creating lots of confidence in my ability to understand essential oils and help others use essential oils for emotional support. I would highly recommend this essential oil course to anyone wanting to help others and themselves with essential oils."

AMY SWANSON  //  CEOP Graduate

We're Now Part of

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Who Is This Course For?  

(Q & A)

If you love essential oils and want to use them with greater confidence and skill, this certification course is for you. Your credential will validate your knowledge!

The Essential Oil Academy™ offers a comprehensive course of guided, online study designed to raise the standard of education and knowledge among those who love and use essential oils, including wellness advocates, essential oil sellers and distributors, particularly those who sell for doTERRA, Young Living, Ameo and other essential oil suppliers.  

If you are tired of trying to compete with millions of other essential oil sellers or are frustrated because you want in-depth essential oils training without the aromatherapy time commitment, this course is for you!  In this essential oil certification course, you'll learn all about essential oils, how they are made, safety precautions, how to create both therapeutic and perfume blends and the business component to give you a huge boost!

The essential oil certification will also benefit health care practitioners, massage therapists, natural health proponents, holistic care providers and nutritionists.  Doctors, chiropractors, nurses and others will also benefit from the training and additional essential oil training credential.

The training is also ideal for those who seek in-depth knowledge about the use and benefits of essential oils in the care of their own family, their personal health as well as in a professional, business environment as well as those who are seeking to complement modern (western) medicine. The essential oil training is designed to meet you where you are as a student, regardless of whether you are a professional or enthusiastic beginner.


Great question!  Because we are sharing essential oils, the same type of foundational knowledge is needed. But we are not training you to become an aromatherapist, rather a skilled expert at offering knowledgeable consultations, selling, teaching, creating products if you wish, both therapeutic and perfumery ... and doing so with greater empowerment and confidence than ever before.  

As a Certified Essential Oil Practitioner, your clients will know you completed an independent, 126 hour, accredited, professional training and credentialing beyond what your oil supplier offers, so that you can provide safer, more excellent service than what millions of others distributors can offer. 

Receive An ANEW UNIVERSITY, AADP Accredited Certification!


You will learn this profession in 9 weekly modules in a fun, progressive learning environment with an opportunity to affordably upgrade to our Premier Upgrade version (only $100 additional during initial registration) that offers a private forum!  There you'll receive additional essential oil training content and new industry development announcements as well.


When you register in the elite Premier Upgrade version of this course, you'll receive private forum access to supplementary content including charts, infographics, articles, forms, etc. You also have direct access to your instructor, classmates and grads.  In this group you can participate in dialogue with others, download your supplementary content, post questions about concepts presented in the course or discuss essential oil protocols with members to find solutions. You can hold each other accountable to completing tasks within the course and with developing your practice.

In the new Certified Essential Oil Practitioner profession, our goals are different than becoming an aromatherapist as an end unto itself.  You will likely already have a direction with your preferred essential oils company. This independent industry certification will soon be the "gold standard" for leading essential oil consultants.

Competitive Advantage:  We have already been contacted by top level MLM directors from essential oil companies to enroll their downline "builders" into this course. They realize knowledge is power ... power to help more people, earn more income and recruit greater numbers into their team on-the-move!

Your new certification will immediately raise the bar for you in this industry and offer you unmatched credibility so you are no longer one among millions of essential oil consultants.  Some of your classmates will arrive with essential oils knowledge from being an essential oils consultant for their chosen company.  Some will be proficient at offering classes. We will expand this knowledge to many more oils, teach you expert skills to create and fill your own classes, how to give one-to-one paid wellness consultations, how to charge, discuss legal matters, ethics, the FDA as well as address a myriad of other related matters as you learn about the oils.

Student Review

" ... covers all the topics one needs to begin a practice ... "

"The Essential Oil Practitioner course is a well-rounded course that covers all the topics one needs to begin a practice – essential oil usage and safety, dealing with clients, etc. I am glad I spent the time and money for this class."

SHARON COURTNEY //  CEOP Certification Candidate 

Student Review

"This course is a complete delight and very rewarding."

"I am already more than half the way through and this course is a complete delight and very rewarding. I like the visual, auditory and tactile (lab assignments) blend (of course content delivery). If you begin with the right intention, it is easy to progress well. Very satisfying indeed. I have a new appreciation of the oils this spring and am very grateful for this unique offering, which feeds the spirit. "Come on in, the water's fine!."



Yes, this academy and our courses are accredited!  The Essential Oil Practitioner certification program is the first ever course created for this profession. It covers a broad range of topics from usage techniques, creating blends, contraindications and safety matters, cautions for use during pregnancy, for babies, children and elderly adults, creating a practice, business / marketing training for your practice and client communication skills developed from life coaching and much more! 

Essential Oil Academy's curriculum was thoroughly examined and then accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a prestigious credentialing organization for worldwide educational organizations and practitioners of traditional and nontraditional therapies and methodologies since 1990.*

We are accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

BONUS: Successful completion of this certification course allows the graduate to become eligible for continuing education credits and additional board certification by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

What Students Say About Our Courses:

"Thanks, Dr. Bush, for sharing your wealth of information and expertise."

"I am still amazed by the research and time Dr. Bush put into this course. There is so much to embed in my head and put into practice, but wow... what life-changing resources you have given us. Thank you again!."

Amy Walton, Graduate of multiple courses by Dr. Bush

"I most certainly would recommend this program to anyone ..."

"I feel more in control of my mind, my health and my daily routine.  One of the sessions even helped me to have peace in a very upsetting situation!!  I most certainly would recommend this program to anyone ... This program has been done in excellence and is very easy to follow. The projects are exciting and I don't want to put them down until I am finished."

Margaret Rowlet, CJRC  (Certified Graduate of Dr. Bush's training)

No Interest when you select our 6-Month, Easy-Pay Credit Plan!

Tuition & Payment Plans

Option 1 - Single payment of  $1299 (Premier Access)  $899 USD
Option 2 - 3 Monthly Payments of $475  $325
Option 3 - 10 Monthly payments of $139  $99 USD

Option 1 Only:  Receive complimentary access to PREMIER group with
Private FB Forum. ($199 Value) The Private Forum offers additional training,
community, Q&A /Feedback with instructor, classmates and grads.

  What's Different About OPTION 3?  
Make lower payments per month and receive the course modules each month rather than weekly.
The pace is slower but the tuition makes this option a very popular and affordable choice!

EASY Registration Process 
(1) Select OPTION 1, 2 or 3 by clicking the "Register and Begin" button to fill in 
your registration form and when complete, click Continue. 
(2) Then pay your tuition and wait....
(3) You will automatically be redirected to setup your username
and password in our online training center.

10 week Online Course - Premier
Single Payment
$1299 USD

$899 USD

10-week Online Course
3 monthly Payments
$459/month USD

$325/month USD

10-month Online Course
10 Monthly Payments 
$139/month USD

$99/month USD

* More about accreditation and recognition:  This academy is accredited by AADP, long respected as a natural health accreditation organization that oversees 80+ schools around the world.  This is NOT the same as US Dept. of Education regional accreditation. Essential oils, their study and use are not regulated, nor is there a government regulation body to oversee our training standards.  Hence we rely on industry leaders to hold one another accountable to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and safety.  
** Course Hours: Because the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner course is presented in an online format, the hours stated are equivalent to classroom hours.