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Dear Friend,
With all the information and websites available on the topic of essential oils, we want to be very clear about the purpose of this academy and our website.

Highly-rated, accredited, independent academy & certifying body. 

This Academy does NOT sell essential oils.

Where can you go for an independent credential to demonstrate your knowledge, skill and credibility? How can you stand out from among the thousands millions of other essential oil sellers? With all the competition, you need better skills, higher confidence, more credibility and knowledge. Essential Oil Academy is here to answer this need.

What is the foundation of the Essential Oil Practitioner course?

To be valuable, a topic of study must be based on solid, irrefutable, foundational and scientific evidence. This is why we brought in the top sources and resources for your studies.

If you have particular interest in the work of Dr. David Hill, Dr. Gary Young or another current thought-leader, you are welcome to include their scientific and philosophical viewpoints in your coursework. 

This academy is brand-free so everyone is welcome. We encourage you to broaden your experience and learning with research and data from numerous sources.

You will learn about the work of essential oil industry thought-leaders current and past, including Robert Tisserand, Marguerite Maury, Dr. Jean Valnet, Rene-Maurice, Gerhard Buchbauer, David and Carol Schuller, Valerie Ann Worwood and many others.

We believe the best essential oils studies must be brand-neutral because after all, it's all about essential oils.

Essential Oil Academy's goal is to provide:

  • A professional level Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner training course and certification.  Why? Until now, to gain confidence and credibility in the use of essential oils, you had to attend an aromatherapy course. But that training we found, needed to be more focused on the needs of an essential oils consultants or distributors so we are giving you a great balance of information you can use immediately to expand your knowledge base and opportunities. As seasoned wellness and life coaching / counseling curriculum creators and trainers, we also added training on your interaction with clients, so that you know how to communicate effectively.
  • A fair and balanced training environment where we do not endorse any particular essential oil brand* as there are many fine quality oils available.

I learned a lot.

Very happy!  The course was very interesting and I learned a lot. The lab assignments were hands-on experience.  This course is for people with faith and respect for mother nature and trust in plant-sourced natural healing.

Ayesha Malik
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Great course … for personal up to professional use.

Great course for anyone interested in learning more about essential oils for personal use up to professional use.

Kathy Beck
Pasadena, MD

I gained confidence in my ability.

I started this course with the idea of learning more about the oils I had been using. I not only accomplished that but I gained confidence in my ability to recommend oils to friends.

Dianne Anderson
Staunton, VA

I’m glad I spent the time and money!

The Essential Oils Practitioner course is a well-rounded course that covers all the topics one needs to begin a practice – essential oil usage and safety, dealing with clients, etc.  I’m glad I spent the time and money for this course.

Sharon Courtney
Walterboro, SC

Great for those new to a business setting for essential oils.

I feel that this course is great for someone who is new to essential oils in a business setting.  This also is a great motivator to do more research.

Maxcine Briggs
Wheeling, WV

Raised my confidence level in sharing my knowledge

It has opened the world of essential oils BEYOND basic use of oils and gave me insights into the breadth of knowledge required and tools to seek that knowledge. It raised my confidence level in sharing my knowledge. I recommend this course to anyone …

Michael Holloway
Oceanside, CA

Very good material …

Very good material that is easy to grasp and implement into your busy schedule.

Bobby Jo Dye
Fort Collins, CO

Great, informative course.

Great, informative course with the basics to get you started with an essential oils business.

Amy Swanson
South Burlington, VT

So thankful I decided to take the course.

This is a great class for learning more about essential oils and how they are used. Its very easy to understand and follow. The online help is wonderful. So thankful I decided to take the course.

Julie Samples
Picayune, MS

Experienced remarkable results!

This course has met all my goals. I have been able to even apply this to my own family, friends and myself. Based on what I have learnt and experienced, remarkable results. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jennifer Bester
Johannesburg, South Africa

Our customers have tripled!

I wanted to thank you for how much your class has helped my business. Our customers have tripled. Some of them have already taken your classes!

Ying Guo
Rolling Heights, CA

The Essential Oil Academy / Anew University  is a Beautiful Life
International LLC Virtual School
in Naples , Florida, USA


The Essential Oil Academy is an online education company and we are not medical professionals. Hence, the contents of this website are provided for your education and informational purposes only.  

The information you find posted here should not to be used to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical advice.  

You alone are responsible for how you use essential oils. Please become educated and use essential oils with care, respect and caution.

* You may find some connection with any of our staff or practitioners and various essential oils brands ... But remember, we've been around oils for a very  long time and we have purchased oils from numerous companies for use, testing and comparison.  

To be clear, the Essential Oil Academy does NOT endorse any oil brand or supplier.  This choice is left 100% to the student's discretion.

This is why leaders from various essential oils brands are confident in sending their team members for training in our certification program.

History Of Essential Oil Academy

The Essential Oil Academy was added to Anew University to launch its Health and Wellness Studies Department in September, 2017.

The Essential Oil Academy was added to the Beautiful Life International schools in May, 2014. Beautiful Life Int'l, LLC is a Florida, USA company.

The proprietors, Leelo Bush, PhD and Rev. Evan Allen Bush, husband and wife, have shown a lifelong commitment to living a happier, healthier life, as demonstrated in the highly-acclaimed training they have provided since the early 2000s as leaders in the wellness, life coaching and counseling / self help industry with over 20,000 students worldwide and graduates on every continent.

Dr. Leelo gained her passion for natural health several decades ago as a young girl, when she sat at her European father's knee as he studied natural medicine. This led to many fascinating discussions on remedies, protocols and physiology.  During his lifetime, her father was called on by many fellow WWII refugees to be their health adviser. 

Dr. Leelo Bush, curriculum creator, is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and long-time student of essential oils.

As a business and marketing expert, Dr. Leelo creates highly effective, practical courses that always include steps and strategies to gain more business and rise above competition.  

After seeing personal, dramatic benefits from the oils, Dr. Leelo and Evan Bush transfer their expertise in training and certifying wellness professionals, life coaches and counselors to the essential oil industry. There is no better proof to the efficacy and benefits of essential oils than that which an individual personally experiences.



This Academy's "Statement of Purpose and Mission"

"The practice of using essential oils to enhance your health, lifestyle and capacity for wellness dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and other cultures. It is written about in the Holy Bible countless times with directions for use and even recipes for anointing oils.

When modern science discovered methods of making pharmaceuticals and synthetic antibiotics that were more readily available, natural, God-designed solutions took a back seat. Over time, we have learned that science can not duplicate or replace the perfectly created supportive properties of the plants available directly from the earth.

When times of financial difficulty arose and traditional, modern health care became either unavailable or financially out of reach for many, essential oils were re-discovered. This practice has grown by enormous strides, particularly in the last decade. Independent essential oils and distributors now number in the millions across the globe.

As an early adopter of natural health, wellness and essential oils as well as professional educator, I soon saw the need for competency in the use of essential oils. I created the curriculum, curated knowledge from all the great minds in our industry, then hired a staff of writers and creators to help me develop what is now the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner Certification Course. You will find it offered on this website.

It is the mission of this academy to provide professional levels of education and credentials to those who already practice the use of essential oils. We dedicate this academy to our Lord and Savior and the training, the educational resources and credentials to our forefathers, who embraced the riches provided by our planet and the wisdom of post modern practitioners who are now called to return to its roots."

~ Dr. Leelo Bush