Premier Upgrade - Essential Oil Academy

Private Forum Access to Instructor(s), Classmates and Grads

Would you like to join an elite group within this course who are dedicated to achieving a high level of results?

If yes, you'll want to participate in the Q & A / Feedback with your instructor(s), classmates and grads in our private forum that takes place in a closed Facebook group. 

There is a one-time fee to join this group.*

If you did not originally purchase the upgrade when you registered for the course, this is your opportunity to add add it.

Before the doors open to the course on Feb. 14, 2018, this upgrade is available as a $100 USD add-on.  

After the doors open to the course, the Premier Upgrade forum will increase to the ala carte fee of $199 USD.

Premier Upgrade
Single Payment - $100
Reg. $199

AmEx - use Paypal

* Remaining a member of this group is contingent upon following group rules.  If a member fails to follow the group rules or becomes disruptive to one or more other members, they may be removed from the group with no refund of fees paid.