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Detox Safely With Essential Oils

Essential oils are a 100% natural, eco-friendly and help you detox safely, beat stress and anxiety and achieve a stronger and healthier body.

Used for thousands of years by cultures across the globe, these deliciously-scented oils can help support your overwhelmed immune system, eliminate toxins from the liver and boost your lymphatic function so you feel at your best.

Recent studies suggest that essential oils can also help remove heavy metals from the body, fight back against pathogens and help support optimal health.

Here’s a rundown of the most effective essential oils you can use right now to support your detox, along with tips on how to use them.

Tips on how to detox safely with essential oils

Before we jump into talking about the essential oils, I’d like to share with you a few tips on how to use these oils safely.

Be careful

Remember that essential oils are powerful, so always handle them carefully and don’t use undiluted on the skin unless we indicate otherwise.

Use high quality oils

Make sure that you’re using the highest quality organic essential oils, especially when using them internally. Yes, these oils can cost slightly more but they’re certainly worth it. You don’t want to be ingesting anything you’re unsure about.

Negative reactions are not OK!

Despite what you might read on other sites, you should never notice any negative side effects from using essential oils, only positive ones! If you suffer from rashes, hives, skin sensitivity or anything unusual when you’ve used a particular essential oil, stop using it immediately and find an alternative. Not all essential oils work for everyone and that is perfectly fine.

Do a patch test first

It’s always worth doing a patch test before using a new essential oil, just to be on the safe side.

Ask your physician

Check with your physician if you’re pregnant, you’re planning to use oils on young children or you’re taking any medication. Some essential oils can have side-effects and interactions that you need to be aware of.

Which are the best essential oils to use for detoxification?

With that said and done, let’s take a look at which essential oils you should be using to support the elimination of toxins and remove unwanted pathogens from the body. Use one or a combination of these fragrant essential oils as required. 

1. Peppermint

peppermint_detox safely

Mentha piperita

Peppermint tops our list of detoxifying oils because of its ability to soothe your digestive system, detoxify your liver and lift your mood.

It’s also rich in antioxidants, it will revive and awaken your senses and it can even help relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Certain studies have shown that peppermint essential oil (as well as several other members of the mint family) can also remove heavy metals like iron from the body which further aid in the detoxification process.

How to use peppermint essential oil

Place a few drops of peppermint oil into your diffuser or emulsify with witch hazel and add to a hot bath

Combine with a carrier oil such as almond oil and massage over your stomach or shoulders to help encourage natural detoxification, ease headaches and soothe your mood.

2. Lemon

Citrus limon

Lemon essential oil is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to help detox the liver, boost hydration levels in the body and to help stimulate the immune system to fight off disease.

If you’re looking for a tangy way to improve your digestion, heal your skin breakouts, remove harmful pathogens and promote lymphatic drainage, lemon should be your go-to essential oil.

How to use lemon essential oil

Fill a glass with water and add some honey, coconut oil and one drop of high-quality, pure lemon essential oil

Place 5 drops into your diffuser

3. Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis L.

Rosemary belongs to a group of powerful essential oils which have been proven to aid detoxification, protect DNA from damage and promote optimal health. This group also includes oregano, sage, clove and thyme. Rosemary has also been shown to boost liver function,[1], lower cortisol levels and fight back against infection.

How to use rosemary essential oil

Blend rosemary essential oil with cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and orange then add to your diffuser.

Add a drop or two to your bath water.

4. Clove

Eugenia caryophyllata

Clove essential oil is a powerful antioxidant which also helps boost your immune system, fight candida, soothe your digestive tract, as well as helping to cleanse the air in your home and remove airborne toxins.

How to use clove essential oil

Place a drop or two into your diffuser for fresher, cleaner air.

5. Grapefruit

Citrus paradisi

If you’re looking for a fabulous all-rounder which will stimulate your immune system, help detox your mind, enable weight loss and cleanse the body, grapefruit is an essential oil that you should consider.

Not only does it smell heavenly, it’s also high in antioxidants and healing compounds, can boost your lymphatic system, help liver detoxification and help ease your stress.

How to use grapefruit essential oil

Create a massage oil using 3 drops of grapefruit oil for every teaspoon of a carrier oil like almond oil

Place a few drops onto a cotton ball and inhale directly or dab onto your wrists to help relieve stress

6. Lavender

lavender detox safely

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender will calm your body and mind, soothe your soul and relieve stress, making it a wonderful addition to your detox essential oil kit.

Used across the world for over two thousand years, it has powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and sedative effects that will help your body eliminate toxins and leave you feeling more relaxed.

Whether you’re looking to detox your mind from the stresses of everyday life, you want to get a better night’s sleep or you’re looking to ease your anxiety or depression, this common essential oil can help.

How to use lavender essential oil

Place a few drops of lavender essential oil directly on your skin and inhale as needed

Add a drop or two to your food for a surprising injection of healing flavor

7. Juniper Berry

Juniperus communis

Juniper berry is a potent liver detoxifier with a cleansing and purifying scent that will heal you from the inside-out. It also works great for removing toxins from the skin and promoting healthy, glowing skin.

It contains strong antibacterial properties and there are studies that show it could even help fight cancer.

How to use juniper berry essential oil

Add 1-2 drops to your juice or smoothie to help cleanse your liver

Place a few drops into your diffuser to clean the air and add a health spa-feeling to your home

8. Myrrh

myrrh_detox safely

Commiphora myrrha

Myrrh is one of the most effective detoxifying essential oils that exists and can heal both your body and mind.

Boasting a strong antioxidant effect which can help eliminate toxins from the liver, boost the lymphatic system and fight against cancer, this sweet yet slightly bitter oil can fight bacteria, fungal infections, and even parasites.

Add it to your essential oil detox toolkit and you’ll eliminate environmental toxin overload and beat stress too.

How to use myrrh essential oil

Combine 3 drops myrrh with 2 drops frankincense, 1 drop valerian with 1 teaspoon coconut oil then rub over the bottom of your feet.

Apply a few drops directly to the skin and rub in.

Place a few drops into your diffuser or bath

Next time you want to detox, use these essential oils to help remove toxins, boost your lymphatic system, improve your immune function and eliminate stress. You’ll ease the burden our modern world places on your body and feel happier and healthier too.

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