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May I Send You Referrals?

You'd probably be surprised to learn how many people are looking for someone to help them with essential oils. You may know there are literally millions upon millions of essential oil consultants but they are not what discriminating clients want. The people who are serious about their health and wellness matters, want to talk with a professional.

Not long ago we started getting requests from the public, to locate our graduates so they could hire them to help with essential oil use and purchase. 

On a phone call that came in just this week, the woman on the other end of the phone told us about an issue that one of her family members had. They had run out of resources and told us, "I know there are people who sell essential oils but I want a really qualified person to help her."

I understand that if you have taken essential oils classes at the company whose oils you sell, you likely believe yourself to be qualified to help. And you very well may be. Unfortunately not everyone in the public agrees and you could be losing a significant number of potential clients, by not being certified as a Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner.

New Service Offers Referrals to Qualified Practitioners

So it was phone calls like this one and more requests by email, that prompted us to create our new Practitioner Referral Request page on the Essential Oil Academy website. 

Our hearts went out to those who need help. Imagine how you would feel to hear someone tell you the details of their story and not be able to offer them a referral. After all, the reason we got involved with essential oils was to learn how to support our own health and share essential oils with others. 

I must say these calls validated our belief that Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioners are desperately needed in communities around the world.

It's important for you to establish a network of people who know, like and trust you, to send you word-of-mouth referrals. There is no better way to become introduced to those who need what you offer than to receive referrals from Essential Oil Academy, provide excellent service and watch them refer you to others by word-of-mouth. That is the optimum way to build your practice.

To remain a highly responsive organization, it's crucial that we are able to refer our graduates when we get a request. But we need more and more qualified practitioners because the popularity of essential oils is rapidly growing. This means we must keep up with the need.

The form asks for general information as well as whether they have a preference for the brand of oils available from the practitioner. Some people feel very strongly about one company or another. Although we are a brand-free school, our goal is to refer the most qualified, certified graduate we know who is ready and available to receive a new client.

What's the best way to find a qualified person to help you?  In my opinion it's to ask a friend or a respected source. Our Practitioner Referral Request page has become such a source.

How To Qualify for Referrals

I invite you to visit this page and if you are a graduate who would like to be referred, please let us know right away.  And if you aren't yet certified, please consider becoming a Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner so that you may become part of our referral database.

There are people out there who need the special knowledge, skills and love that uniquely you have to offer. If you are certified, let us know if we can send you referrals. 

Your Two Paths to Certification:

(1) You can take the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner course for certification
(2) You can become certified by the Certification by Examination program if you are highly knowledgeable and experienced with essential oils. This is a significantly more affordable option and we provide you with a study guide after registration, to help you prepare.

I look forward to seeing your name among the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioners within our referral database.

Become a Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

‚ÄčWhen surveyed in October, 2018, nearly all respondents said they would prefer to get advice from and purchase essential oils from a certified practitioner.

Essential Oil Academy offers both the course leading to certification and certification by examination for those who are already qualified experts. Learn more about the benefits of certification at

Looking for a Certified EO Practitioner?

Need help with essential oils?  If you'd like to work with one of our graduate Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioners, request a referral at

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